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Developing a strong future vision and strategy is one thing. Adapting the way of organising, so that the vision in daily organisational behaviour is also realized, is another necessary – but often difficult – step. The latter is crucial. We can be of added value in making this translation.

By looking at how organisations organise themselves – and how people work & collaborate – in a different way, one can increase performance and improve quality of work.

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You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world … but it requires people to make the dream a reality” (Walt Disney) 


Every organisation is unique, so every change program requires its own approach. Our starting point is that only the people themselves in an organisation can change that organisation. External support can help in areas where the organisation itself has less experience or capacity. We act as a partner to help you find the most appropriate approach. The joint determination of the change conditions & the development of a subsequent change program is the basis for a successful change. 


In brief: we accompany programs where both the soft aspects of the organisation (behaviour and culture), as well as the hard aspects (structure, processes and systems), need to be changed in a coherent manner. 

Kris Rayen

Kris Rayen

Founder Factter BV

As a skilled professional I’ve built up a profound experience that encompasses the full spectrum of the HR-agenda, within local and international environments. All of the handled topics were related to the development of the organisation,  as well as its permanent- and contingent workforce.

As a certified expert in the fields of Business Process Management and Project Management (Prince2) I’ve sold and implemented, together with (in)direct management teams, company-wide transformation projects. The goal here was always unambiguously to improve the organisational-, digital- and personnel policy.

Being a builder by nature, motivated by and comfortable operating in an environment that is evolving. Deriving satisfaction from solving company-specific challenges by developing concepts that are translated into concrete, improved, ready-to-use tools and methodologies. 

Our Values

Be Authentic - positive you

Show that you matter …

Have confidence in yourself, be yourself and walk the talk.

Be Competent - positive climate

Show that you care …

Show appreciation, create meaningfulness and help others become succesful.

Be Integer - positive relationships

Show that you’re not alone …

Show mutual respect. Be transparent in all you do. Open communication. Built a safe and trustworthy environment.

Be generous - positive communication

Show that it’s a great place to work …

Transcend yourself. Positivism. Understand, appreciate, tolerate and help others. Getting better together.

Be Agile - positive horizons

Show perspective …

Be open to change. Have courage. Challenge the status quo. Perform through learning. Improve continuously. Take ownership for the opportunities that arise. Go the extra mile.


Graag bouw ik, vanuit mijn persoonlijke missie en ambitie, aan een betere wereld van werk. Hierbij staat het creëren van een context centraal waarbij welzijn vooropstaat & men een werkomgeving nastreeft waarbinnen medewerkers bevlogen en succesvol kunnen zijn.

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  • Change management
    Sommigen noemen het verandering, anderen hebben het over transformatie of zelfs disruptie. Het gaat vooral over het in beweging brengen van uw medewerkers & uw organisatie, om de (nieuwe) vooropgestelde  bedrijfsdoelstellingen te bereiken
  • HR-projecten
    Digitaliseren van HR-processen.
    Opzetten van Shared Service Centers.
    Uitwerken van een HR-beleid rond Total Talent Management (vast en ingehuurd personeel)
  • HR-processen
    In kaart brengen, optimaliseren en/of herontwerpen van de huidige processen. Digitaliseren waar mogelijk.
    Draagvlak creëren voor de veranderingen, zodat de mensen daadwerkelijk vanuit de nieuwe werkwijze en/of systemen denken en handelen
  • Surveys
    Mbt Personeel & Organisatie op organisatiebreed niveau (perceptiemeting, resultatenrapportering, advies en implementatie van actieplannen)
  • Business Team Coaching
    Eensgezindheid en draagvlak creëren bij management- & directieteams over gezamenlijke doelen alsook hiernaar doelgericht te handelen
  • Interne mobiliteit
    Competentie- & talentontwikkeling
    Individuele coaching
    Development centers
    Assessment centers


  • Gezond en met goesting werken
    Welzijnsbewuste werkgewoonten
    Veerkracht (omgaan met verandering)
  • Gepast leiderschap
    Ontwikkelen van een leiderschapsvisie, leiderschapsstijl en bijhorend gedrag
    360° Leiderschapsscan
    Waardengericht- & autonomie ondersteunend leiderschap met focus op authenticiteit, zelfleiderschap & gedeeld leiderschap
  • Leren om te groeien (inzet en gedrag)
    Autonome motivatie
    Verbindende communicatie
    Continue feedback
    Groei- & doelstellinggesprekken
  • Kwaliteitsvolle werkorganisatie
    Structuur: stroomsgewijs ontwerpen en lean organiseren. Team- & jobontwerp. Werken met rollen
    Cultuur: leiderschap, autonomie, vertrouwen, eigenaarschap, teamspirit en kennisdeling
    ICT: digitaliseren van processen

Tijdens transformatietrajecten neem ik, als gecertificeerd expert op het gebied van Business Process Management en Project Management (Prince2) diverse rollen op zoals project- & change manager, adviseur, procesbegeleider (workshops , denk- & co-creatie trajecten), trainer & coach van (management) teams en individuele medewerkers.

In het doorvoeren van verandertrajecten hanteer ik hedendaagse principes [o.a. innovatieve arbeidsorganisatie, agile, lean, teal, sociocratie, …], op een integrale & waarderende manier, integrerend voortbouwend op wat reeds bestaat en wérkt binnen de bestaande organisatie.


Mijn praktijkervaring is doorheen de jaren opgebouwd binnen de privé- & publieke sector.

Kris worked many years with me as a collleague at Mercuri Urval Belgium both on the sales and performing side in hr strategic consulting projects and recruitment and selection assignments. It was always a great pleasure working with him and I can say with conviction that he always worked very hard with lots of energy and effectiveness trying to get the best possible results for our common clients.


Sr. Business Consultant, Mercuri Urval

Kris is very customer focused and always goes the extra mile to support his colleagues and to provide professional service to his customers (internal and external). He is very organized and has a never ending ambition to finish tasks successfully and the right way even under very difficult circumstances. Kris never loses focus to the goals he needs to achieve. He is an appreciated added value when it comes to out of the box thinking and constructively challenging processes and strategies. Kris is a great communicator and a robust project team member and team leader. He is a great team player and an advocate of a good working place where everybody feels appreciated and motivated to be successful. Kris is a great colleague to work with, not only for his professionalism and vast experience, but also for his outspoken positive attitude, enthusiasm and humor.


Sales Representative, Ceres

I know Kris as an excellent Project Leader, Hard working, effectiveand with a good eye for all the details involved in change.


International Program Manager, ABN AMRO

I worked for 2 years with Kris in HR projects. Kris is a hard worker,customer & solutions minded. He is available for colleagues and a good team player. He is curious about new trends, open to learn and to grow.


HR Project Leader, Securex

I worked with Kris for several years through good times and crisis times. What is significant for Kris is his high ambition to do all he can to be successful and he will not stop before reaching the objectives set up. He is also a very nice and friendly guy who creates good atmosphere in a team. I would love to hire him again, if I would have the possibility.


Country Director, Mercuri Urval

I’ve been working with Kris as a colleague. Kris is a great personality with a great sense of humor, self relativeness and perseverance. Kris is one of these guys who gets up every morning with a positive attitude always looking for the opportunities in every difficult situation. As a manager he’s capable to build an excellent hard working team with spirit thanks to the combination of sales/result drive, personal warmth and high respect. Kris has an outstanding experience in Sales management and creates a long term relationship with clients through a professional approach.


Branch Manager, Adecco

Kris is een professionele project- & business implementatiemanager die inzet op kwaliteit en resultaat & bewaakt steeds descope van de opdracht. Hij is een echte facilitator en waar nodigstimulerend en verbindend in het team.


Head of Operational Business Support, ABN AMRO

Kris heeft ons geadviseerd en heeft actief bijgedragen aan het ontwikkelen en uitrollen van trainingen ivm ‘evolutiegesprekken’ en ‘leiderschap’. Zowel de inhoud van deze trainingen als de wijze waarop ze naar onze medewerkers worden gebracht worden positief onthaald en dragen bij tot het omzetten van het HR-beleid in ‘people’-gerichte praktijken.


HR Director, Lecot

During the years we have worked together I really appreciated the strong commitment of Kris and his willingness to learn anddevelop. He was a very respectful colleague with an enormousmotivation to succeed and loyalty to he company.


Teamleader, Mercuri Urval

Part of the RSR management team piloting MSP service offerings in Belgium I have always valued Kris for his ability to translate new processes and standards into ready to use OPS manuals, toolkits and templates. Kris has a strong feeling for detail and will only be satisfied with a perfect result. In close collaboration with the global RSR team Kris also developed the role of Supply Chain Manager and implemented our RSR policy and E2E process for supply chain management, including supplier risk analysis, supplier scorecard, QBR standard, supplier rationalisation methodology etc. Being an integer person with high EQ intelligence Kris is well placed to take a role as peoplemanager as well as to build strong relationships between multilpe Randstad operating companies as with (future) clients. Good to have had Kris in our team!


Director, Randstad Sourceright

I’ve worked alongside Kris for close to two years now. In these two years, I’ve seen him as a complete Project Manager with excellent skill-sets in his job. Pro-activeness, communication, on-time delivery with good quality are his key strengths which I have noticed. He possesses equal command on soft skills which helps everyone in the project team to make a better connect with him – Kris is a real asset for the project and therefore for the company!


Functional IT Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services

Wij hebben onze leidinggevenden een opleidingstraject aangeboden over het belang van evolueren, het formuleren van heldere en motiverende objectieven en het voeren van samenwerkingsgesprekken. Doorheen het hele proces onthoud ik vooral het enthousiasme, de duidelijke communicatie, de snelheid van uitvoering en het proactief meedenken met ons bedrijf. Kris heeft onze verwachtingen volledig ingelost!


HR Director, Europabank

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