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Case Study


Define the HR-Strategy & implement the HR operating model  (a shared service center related to contingent workforce management) and Vendor Management System (SAP Fieldglass) as well.


Engineering and design of electronic equipment (R&D and manufacturing site of an international group). B2B and B2C. 



Define the HR-strategy and implement the HR-operating model & Vendor Management System (SAP Fieldglass). Delivery of a total talent management solution for all types of worker contracts (perm and temp).
Skill sets: Embedded Software, Engineering and Research profiles.


The client deals with a human resources spend category (project sourcing professionals, independent contractors, SOW) that is not actively controlled. 
They lack visibility into total spend, worker- & contractual compliance and risk. 

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Solve the following client needs:  

  • improve visibility: control & governance of all components of contingent labour  

  • increase efficiency: process consistency & optimization of time and resources used to hire contingent labour  

  • risk control & compliance  

  • cost savings & financial improvement  

  • quality & total talent management  

Phase 1: total transparency and control in professional workforce and spend; implement and configure a VMS-tool; streamlining processes (order-, contract- & invoice management) and policies; contract- & price negotiation with agencies; qualitative on-time fulfillment of open positions; real time management information and kPI reporting; change management and training of stakeholders  

Phase 2: supplier fees aligned with rate card structure; higher quality of candidates, supplier performance management & –rationalization;  implement a broker; compliance management; advise on (new) country laws; improve overall hiring manager & supplier satisfaction, cost savings (€ 300K) through continuous improvement  

Phase 3: head towards a total blended workforce solution. Delivery of a total talent management solution for all types of worker contracts (perm and temp). 

Results, delivered

  • Map, standardise and optimise end-to-end processes related to contingent workforce 

  • Implement a Vendor Management System, SAP Fieldglass (Saas, Software as a Service) 

  • Provide transactional management in the area of contracted services, included but limited to the area of risk mitigation, cost reduction and change management

  • Provide regular reporting updates to the main client’s stakeholders (procurement, HR and Business) 

our involvement

  • Responsible for HR service delivery and supply-chain management 

  • Focus on project-, program- & process compliancy, reporting and strategic recommendations 

  • Implementation of a Vendor Management System, SAP Fieldglass

  • Change management (Adkar/Prosci-method): ensure that change-, communication- and training plans were fully designed, created and deployed

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