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Case Study

From production plant towards a service-oriented organisation

Working all efficiently and disciplined together, towards one common goal 


A printing- & publishing company.


Head from an ‘internal oriented production plant’ towards a ‘lean and service-oriented mediahouse’.
Redefine and implement the new strategy.


The organisation fulfills its tasks in a rapidly changing market context.
The constant decrease of the production volume causes a problem of overcapacity and brings the organisation under financial pressure.
he management team lacks business acumen and isn’t able to turn the tide themselves.

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Key objectives

The board of directors and the general manager want to ensure that the company will have a future that is economically viable.  

  • Ensure that:  

  1. The publishing as well as the printing office becomes more performant  

  2. The company becomes agile, which continuously improves as a result of its own employees  

  • Define a justified strategic plan for the company and implement it  

  • The action plan for this organisation development comprises two main components, namely structure and culture:  

  1. The organisational structure and –operations will be mapped and adapted to new objectives. The 
    ‘voice of the customer’ needs to be integrated when improving the company’s business   processes  

  2. The core values of the company as well as the contributions, skills and potential of the employees will be reviewed 
    and developed where necessary.  In particular, special attention is paid to the needed future leadership skills  

  • Accompany the entire internal change process 


Results, delivered

  • a top-down and bottom-up approach was outlined  

  • besides the elaboration and implementation of the long-term goals, organisational processes and structure, cultural change within the organisation was eventually the main action point

  • our methodology needed to be down-to-earth, concrete and pragmatic because professional business knowledge was missing for most of the people 

Our involvement

We took on different roles during this project:  

  • First as an auditor, to analyse and advise on the internal organisation to the board of directors and the General 

  • Secondly, as a coach and sounding-board for the General Manager and his leadership team

  • Thirdly, as a facilitator to develop and align the business strategy, the company’s processes and its people

  • And last but not least as an implementator, where necessary  

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